How Bitcoin changed this American’s life

How Bitcoin completely changed this 19-year-old American’s life

Bitcoin’s ups and downs have inspired the famous „When Lambo Meme“ – the act of trading the volatility of the asset to make incredible amounts of money in a short period of time. While most get „rekt“ – destroyed – in the process, those who put the time, effort, and dedication into learning how to trade reach Bitcoin Millionaire enviable levels.

One such person is Sami Loyal. At 19, Loyal is a crypto and indices trader who has made over $1 million after flunking out of college and starting a successful YouTube channel. He reportedly started his first trade with just $28.

Then Loyal was bitten by the „trading bug“ after watching Wolf of Wall Street – the popular movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio that was inspired by the story of infamous penny stock trader Jordan Belford. Loyal wanted to „live the life“ – and the rest is history.

In an interview with Cryptonites host Alex Fazel, Loyal tells the story of how he got into trading, how he learned about Bitcoin and how the asset helped transform his humble life into one that revolves around crypto trading and crypto education.

Loyal runs a crypto trading academy called Forflies that helps newbies with the tools and tricks to make it on their own. Guidance is something that helped Loyal when he was just starting out as a trader – he discovered the (not uncontroversial) investor Tai Lopez in his younger years and began to mirror the habits and mindsets of wealthy, successful people like Lopez.

„When I saw the very successful people, I started thinking and wondering what was possible. And then I read books. That allowed me to develop that mindset,“ Loyal says.

How a winning mentality helped

He confessed to being a young book lover who started reading books on improvement and money-making at the ripe old age of 14. „I was very fortunate to read these self-development books because that is the perfect age to learn things,“ he said.

Some books Loyal recommends are „The Success Principles“ by Jack Canfield and „Think and Grow Rich“ by Napolean Hill – two books widely read around the world that teach how to build a winning and confident attitude, overcome daily challenges and achieve anything your mind dreams of.

„It’s about giving you that burning desire you know you have. You have to really really want it. There is no plan B,“ Loyal said, adding that you have to be „naturally sensible“ even when going through such a process.

It was at this point that Bitcoin (to buy Bitcoins by instant transfer guide) began to fit into Loyal’s worldview.

„Especially if you live in the West. And that’s the reason why you should buy Bitcoin. Because if you’re unlucky enough to live in the US, you read about the confiscation of gold bullion…. (and) see the potential in Bitcoin,“ Loyal said.

„It’s Plan B, it’s the alternative,“ he adds.