CVM marks judgment of Unick Forex financial pyramid for December

More than one after the end of the company and the arrest of those involved, Unick Forex begins to answer for his crimes before the CVM.

CVM marks trial of Unick Forex financial pyramid for DecemberNOTÍCIAS

The Brazilian Securities Commission (CVM) will begin judging one of the country’s largest financial pyramids on December 8: Unick Forex.

Former Unick Forex leaders promote new company that promises 100% ‚profits
The autarchy should begin to judge the actions of three partners of the company, which was closed just over a year ago in a Federal Police operation: Leidimar Lopes, Albieri Lopes and Fernando Lusvarghi.

At the time of the police operation, the partners and the so-called „leaders“ of the company were all arrested, suspected of acting in the pyramid that left a trail of more than R$ 12 billion in embezzlement.

The case against Unick Forex was opened in April 2019 by the Superintendency of Market and Intermediaries Relations (SMI). The CVM had already warned of Unick Forex’s irregular performance, which offered „investments“ in Bitcoin and promised huge returns.

Due to the pandemic, the trial will be by videoconference.

Federal Public Ministry dismantled scheme
Unick Forex is another of the huge financial pyramids of Bitcoin dismantled by the Brazilian authorities in 2019. Among the cases of suspected fraud companies that left losses in excess of billions of reais, we can also mention the Bitcoin Banco Group and Atlas Quantum.

MP opens civil action against Unick and companies that promised revenues with BTC
Unick, which was based in Vale dos Sinos, Rio Grande do Sul, offered profits of up to 400% through investments in cryptomoedas. Like all pyramids of this type, when the entry of new customers cooled, the company began to block lootings from investors and claim problems in the system.

However, the company’s excuses were short-lived. In October 2019, the Federal Police brought down the R$12 billion pyramid and arrested everyone involved, which represented the end of the company. The customers continue without receiving until today.

Partners are loose
Despite the deal that caught those involved with Unick Forex in 2019, more than a year later all the partners of the company are loose. The company had already been in the sights of the authorities since 2017, when banks began reporting suspicious moves.

The public prosecutor even held an auction of the company’s luxury cars in October 2020, but gave no further details about the funds raised and compensation for those harmed by Unick’s crimes.

Telephone tapping reveals that Fernando Salomon tried to strike a blow at Leidimar Lopes in the management of Unick Forex
In an audio leak in March 2020, the leader of the scheme, Leidimar Lopes, complained of the deflated customers „begging“ for R$ 100,000.

Among the findings of the MP’s investigations, the authorities say that Unick even tried to buy a bank and planned to approve the deal with Banco do Brasil with the collaboration of a lobbyist.

With the end of Unick Forex, a legion of „leaders“ – as affiliates who attracted clients to the scheme were known – of the company began to operate in other suspected financial pyramid companies, including MoGuRo.

Unick Forex and its partners also had a hearing scheduled to answer financial crime charges before the courts in the first half of this year, but the pandemic eventually led to a postponement of the case.