How Bitcoin changed this American’s life

How Bitcoin completely changed this 19-year-old American’s life

Bitcoin’s ups and downs have inspired the famous „When Lambo Meme“ – the act of trading the volatility of the asset to make incredible amounts of money in a short period of time. While most get „rekt“ – destroyed – in the process, those who put the time, effort, and dedication into learning how to trade reach Bitcoin Millionaire enviable levels.

One such person is Sami Loyal. At 19, Loyal is a crypto and indices trader who has made over $1 million after flunking out of college and starting a successful YouTube channel. He reportedly started his first trade with just $28.

Then Loyal was bitten by the „trading bug“ after watching Wolf of Wall Street – the popular movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio that was inspired by the story of infamous penny stock trader Jordan Belford. Loyal wanted to „live the life“ – and the rest is history.

In an interview with Cryptonites host Alex Fazel, Loyal tells the story of how he got into trading, how he learned about Bitcoin and how the asset helped transform his humble life into one that revolves around crypto trading and crypto education.

Loyal runs a crypto trading academy called Forflies that helps newbies with the tools and tricks to make it on their own. Guidance is something that helped Loyal when he was just starting out as a trader – he discovered the (not uncontroversial) investor Tai Lopez in his younger years and began to mirror the habits and mindsets of wealthy, successful people like Lopez.

„When I saw the very successful people, I started thinking and wondering what was possible. And then I read books. That allowed me to develop that mindset,“ Loyal says.

How a winning mentality helped

He confessed to being a young book lover who started reading books on improvement and money-making at the ripe old age of 14. „I was very fortunate to read these self-development books because that is the perfect age to learn things,“ he said.

Some books Loyal recommends are „The Success Principles“ by Jack Canfield and „Think and Grow Rich“ by Napolean Hill – two books widely read around the world that teach how to build a winning and confident attitude, overcome daily challenges and achieve anything your mind dreams of.

„It’s about giving you that burning desire you know you have. You have to really really want it. There is no plan B,“ Loyal said, adding that you have to be „naturally sensible“ even when going through such a process.

It was at this point that Bitcoin (to buy Bitcoins by instant transfer guide) began to fit into Loyal’s worldview.

„Especially if you live in the West. And that’s the reason why you should buy Bitcoin. Because if you’re unlucky enough to live in the US, you read about the confiscation of gold bullion…. (and) see the potential in Bitcoin,“ Loyal said.

„It’s Plan B, it’s the alternative,“ he adds.

Bullish for Crypto: Bitfinex Closes Tether Loans Early With $ 550 Million Payment

Bitfinex, one of the oldest crypto trading platforms, has repaid a loan from sister company Tether (USDT).

Bitfinex announced on its website on Feb. 5 that it has closed the books on its loan from Tether. $ 550 million in Fiat have been transferred to Tether’s account.

This means that all interest due is settled. After the payment, the credit line was „canceled“ by Tether.

End of a curious saga

The repayment closes a long chapter in the history of cryptocurrencies. Bitfinex is one of the oldest exchanges for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Evolution (To buy Bitcoin cheap guide ) on the market. It was founded in 2012 and quickly made a name for itself in the young industry.

Tether’s USDT, one of the oldest stablecoins, emerged from a white paper in 2012. USDT finally went public in January 2015, on Bitfinex.

The two companies share the same management. As a result, the relationship between the companies has been called into question.

This problem came to a head in April 2019 when an audit found that Tether’s USDT stablecoin was not 100% fiat backed, as Tether claimed. Tether admitted it loaned $ 850 million to Bitfinex to cover losses from the theft by Crypto Capital.

Unfortunately for iFinex, management lost more than just mood. The New York Attorney General brought charges against iFinex for hiding the loan.

In response, Bitfinex spent the next year and a half very publicly making payments to Tether.

Then there is the KuCoin incident

In September 2020, hackers stole more than $ 20 million in USDT from the KuCoin exchange. Other exchanges then froze tens of millions of dollars worth of tether at several addresses linked to the attack.

Bitfinex alone froze USD 13 million on EOS.

What followed was an outcry from crypto enthusiasts who distrust the centralized power of the exchanges. Bitfinex CTO Paolo Ardoino, however, pointed out the responsibility that a stablecoin company „has towards users, regulators and law enforcement agencies.“ The coins were then exchanged.

Warm feelings for Bitfinex

The crypto community commented on the repayment. Twitter user Gabor Gurbacs, for example, wrote about something that had been heard many times about Bitfinex’s efforts.

Eingewickelte Bitcoin-‚Verbrennungen‘ übertrafen im Dezember zum ersten Mal die Münzprägung

Händler sind Swapping ihre tokenized Bitcoins für die reale Sache mehr denn je.

  • BitGo sah einen Rekord 11,613 gewickelt Bitcoin (WBTC) für echte Bitcoin getauscht (BTC, +4.41%) (BTC) im Dezember, mit nur 2,731 BTC für die Bitcoin-backed ERC-20 Token im letzten Monat ausgetauscht.
  • Der Dezember markierte das erste Mal in der Geschichte des jungen Projekts, dass die „burns“, also der Rücktausch von WBTC zurück in BTC, die „mints“ übertrafen.
  • Der Gesamtwert der „verbrannten“ WBTC beläuft sich auf ca. 235 Millionen Dollar, basierend auf dem Bitcoin-Kurs zu dem Zeitpunkt, als die Token gegen BTC getauscht wurden.
  • Sinkende Renditen im dezentralen Finanzwesen (DeFi), ein primärer Anwendungsfall für WBTC, und eine erhöhte Handelsaktivität an traditionellen Crypto Trader inmitten von Bitcoins jüngstem atemberaubenden Anstieg sind wahrscheinlich die Gründe für den Anstieg der Verbrennungen und die verlangsamte Rate der Prägung.
  • Die meisten der Verbrennungen kamen von den Handelsfirmen Alameda Research und Three Arrows Capital.
  • BitGo’s Wrapped Bitcoin Projekt gewann große Popularität durch Q3 und Anfang Q4 2020 inmitten eines DeFi-Rausches, der über 124.000 BTC tokenisiert auf Ethereum auf seinem Höhepunkt sah, nachdem er das Jahr mit weniger als 600 BTC begann.
  • Mitte August war die Nachfrage nach WBTC so hoch, dass Bitcoins schneller tokenisiert wurden, als sie gemined wurden.
  • Bis heute zirkulieren noch etwa 110.000 WBTC im DeFi-Ökosystem.

He finds 127 bitcoins by accident and becomes rich: he tells about this moment that changed his life!

Santa brings him bitcoins – Here’s a fabulous new Christmas story, but in crypto sauce this time. While spending a few days with his family for the holiday season, this very precocious Bitcoin (BTC) user has regained access to a real crypto-fortune.

The endless problem of lost private keys

Under the pseudonym „BitcoinHolderThankU“ , an early Bitcoin (BTC) connoisseur posted on Reddit his fantastic (re) discovery of his long-buried BTCs .

He explains that it all started around the years 2011-2012 : while playing a video game called „Dark Orbit“ with his friends, our student discovered that he could provide himself with „Uridium“ (the currency of the game in question) thanks to a strange new digital currency called Bitcoin .

He would then have managed to accumulate the (now fantastic) sum of 127 bitcoins , simply by „completing surveys, watching videos“ and other small random tasks on the Internet!

To use his expression “holy fcking sht” (which we will politely translate as “thank God”), he never finally used these BTC to buy the video game Uridium. But these bitcoins had nevertheless fallen into oblivion , for 8 to 9 years, until …

He becomes a multi-millionaire overnight

Our young man had gone to spend a week with his grandfather for the Christmas holidays . It was then that, on December 22, 2020 , he found his old Dell branded computer in the attic.

Upon lighting this relic of the past, he discovers a text file simply called “Keys” . As you can imagine, these were in fact the private keys that give access and control to his old Bitcoin wallet !

Barely his 127 BTC found, the young man could not withstand such pressure and quickly sold everything . It has indeed found a platform that practiced the trade bitcoins OTC ( Over-The-Counter or OTC ), which has agreed to take back all of his treasure against „0.15% commission ” .

“(..) I ended up selling the 127 bitcoins for a price of $ 33,439 per BTC (…) The net amount [of the sale] was around $ 4.24 million”.

However, in a column entitled „What I would have done differently“ , he explains that with a little more hindsight and coolness :

„I would not have sold the 127 bitcoins, if I had been given a second chance (…) I would have sold a good part of them, but I would have kept a handful for years to come“ .

Indeed, even not to mention reselling the highest of nearly $ 42,000 that Bitcoin has offered us in recent days, it could easily have put $ 1 million more in its purse.

La subida de precios de Bitcoin afecta al rendimiento del oro: El ex-gobernador de la FED cambia de opinión sobre el BTC

El precio del oro sufre porque Bitcoin le está quitando parte de su cuota de mercado, dijo el ex escéptico de la BTC y gobernador de la Reserva Federal, Kevin Warsh.

Unos años después de cuestionar el papel de bitcoin en los mercados financieros, el ex gobernador de la Reserva Federal Kevin Warsh ha cambiado de opinión, diciendo que poseer BTC „tiene sentido“ ahora.

Además, rompió la comparación de una década entre el bitcoin y el oro y dijo que la criptodivisa está tomando porciones de la cuota de mercado del metal amarillo.

El ex gobernador de la Reserva Federal cambia de opinión sobre la BTC

La criptocurrencia primaria tiene una historia de cambiar la mente de la gente. Ejemplos anteriores incluyen a Michael Saylor de MicroStrategy y al presentador de la CNBC Jim Cramer.

Warsh, un académico estadounidense de 50 años, financiero, ex gobernador de la Reserva Federal y socio de Stan Druckenmiller solía estar del lado de los escépticos de la BTC.

Dijo en 2018 que „la volatilidad de los precios del activo disminuye significativamente su utilidad como unidad de cuenta fiable o como medio de pago efectivo“. También predijo que las nuevas criptodivisas le quitarán el lugar a Bitcoin ya que „satisfarán mejor“ las necesidades de la gente.

Sin embargo, parecía más optimista en BTC durante una reciente aparición en el programa Squawk Box de la CNBC.

„Creo que bitcoin tiene sentido como parte de un portafolio en este ambiente donde se tiene el cambio más fundamental, por ejemplo, en la política monetaria desde Paul Volcker. Este es un gran cambio que estamos viendo bajo la Reserva Federal de Powell, con razón o sin ella. No me sorprende, en un período de debilidad del dólar donde Bitcoin está haciendo lo que está haciendo.“

Bitcoin se come las ganancias del mercado del oro

Warsh también tocó la narrativa popular de que el bitcoin y el oro compiten por el mismo tipo de inversores. Él cree que el aumento de BTC ha detenido las ganancias potenciales del metal precioso.

„Si el bitcoin nunca hubiera existido, el oro se estaría recuperando aún más, pero supongo que si tienes menos de 40 años, el bitcoin es tu nuevo oro“.

El ex funcionario del gobierno dijo que el BTC está recibiendo „nueva vida como moneda alternativa“ a medida que pasan los días y su precio sigue apreciándose, especialmente cuando se compara con la disminución del poder adquisitivo de las monedas fiduciarias.

CryptoPotato informó recientemente que Anthony Scaramucci, el fundador de la firma de inversiones SkyBridge Capital, comparte la misma opinión sobre el debate del bitcoin y el oro. Además, afirmó que la criptodivisa es la mejor versión del oro, ya que es más fácil de almacenar, más portátil y más difícil de robar.

Por otro lado, el gestor del fondo Bill Miller también destacó la depreciación de las monedas fiduciarias y dijo que el BTC funciona como un „veneno para ratas“ para el dinero en efectivo.

Bitcoin atinge máximas acima de US $ 24.000 com LTC atinge US $ 120, BCH, BNT 21 de dezembro

O rali BTC ganha força enquanto a Litecoin olha os máximos de 2019. BCH vê aumento de cashback no Square e Bancor aumenta os ganhos de DeFi com adição de Coinbase.

O Bitcoin subiu acima de $ 20k como eu previ na semana passada , e a moeda atingiu um máximo de $ 24.300 no domingo

O mercado de criptografia caiu ligeiramente na segunda-feira, com os mercados reagindo a outro surto de pânico por coronavírus na Europa.

O Bitcoin vinha subindo na semana passada, com o dólar americano continuando a ser golpeado pelo tão esperado segundo pacote de estímulo para os Estados Unidos, que deve ser aprovado ainda hoje.

O negócio é de US $ 900 bilhões, com a população recebendo um cheque de US $ 600 cada

O mercado já precificou esse negócio e o ressurgimento do vírus pânico hoje elevou o dólar em mais de 1%. Uma nova cepa de vírus encontrada no Reino Unido é considerada mais contagiosa e isso está vendo outros países proibindo viagens de voos de e para o país, com a França cortando 20% do fornecimento de alimentos ao bloquear o transporte. Outra rodada de caos nos mercados financeiros poderia ter o apoio do Bitcoin, embora a liquidação da liquidez de março tenha sido um aviso.

O BTC ignorou algumas notícias negativas na semana passada, que viram o regulador financeiro FinCEN tentando colocar suas garras no espaço da criptomoeda. Uma regra proposta pelo Departamento do Tesouro na sexta-feira poderia fazer com que os detentores de moeda digital dos EUA tenham que cumprir os requisitos de know-your-customer (KYC) para transferir seus ativos de bolsas para carteiras pessoais. Brian Armstrong, CEO da bolsa Coinbase, disse que a empresa desafiaria as regras, em um tweet compartilhado pelo fundador da Litecoin, Charlie Lee.

Ondanks de huidige run, gaat Bitcoin nog steeds om met twijfelaars…

Sommigen voorspellen dat de huidige stier die door bitcoin wordt genoten door het einde van 2021 zal duren en dat het actief 50.000 dollar zal bereiken binnen die tijd.

Bitcoin is op een serieuze run, maar niet iedereen is overtuigd…

Zoals het nu is, is bitcoin erin geslaagd om zijn huidige positie boven de $19.000 voor een paar weken te behouden, nu. De munteenheid is zelfs tijdelijk voorbij zijn recordhoogte gegaan en heeft een record voor zichzelf gevestigd, wat velen heeft doen denken dat ergens tussen $20K en $25K mogelijk bereikt zou kunnen worden tegen de tijd dat we klaar zijn om voor eens en voor altijd adios te zeggen tot 2020.

Bloomberg meldt dat de munt tegen volgend jaar potentieel een marktplafond van ongeveer $1 biljoen zou kunnen bereiken. Echter, niet iedereen is van de mentaliteit dat de dingen uiteindelijk zullen werken voor ’s werelds nummer een digitale valuta door de markt GLB.

Nouriel Roubini – ook wel Dr. Doom genoemd dankzij zijn pessimistische houding ten opzichte van het goed – weigert te geloven dat bitcoin enige waarde heeft en becommentarieert nog steeds – net als in het verleden – dat bitcoin niets meer zal zijn dan een neppe munt. In een recent interview stelt hij:

Het heeft geen intrinsieke waarde. Hij wordt door geen enkel goed ondersteund. Het is geen wettig betaalmiddel. Het kan niet worden gebruikt om belastingen te betalen.

Roubini’s grote aanspraak op roem is dat hij de Grote Recessie heeft voorspeld die in het jaar 2008 plaatsvond. Daarnaast heeft hij ook gepleit tegen een proof of stake (PoS) systeem in het verleden, met de bewering dat het veel te veel energie gebruikt om echt effectief en aardvriendelijk te zijn.

Een soortgelijke anti-crypto houding komt van Gary Cohn, een voormalig hoofd economisch adviseur van het Witte Huis. Hoewel hij niet noodzakelijkerwijs iets tegen de asset heeft, zegt hij wel dat het een zich ontwikkelende asset-klasse is, en iedereen die denkt dat het volledig ingeburgerd is, houdt zichzelf voor de gek. Hij geeft commentaar:

En om alle redenen dat het een sterk ontwikkelende activaklasse is, kan het mislukken. Een deel van de integriteit van een activaklasse of een deel van de integriteit van een systeem is weten wie de eigenaar is en weten wie het heeft en weten waarom het wordt overgedragen, en wordt het gebruikt voor legitieme doelen? Wordt het voor goede doeleinden gebruikt, of wordt het voor onwettige doeleinden gebruikt? Wordt het gebruikt in corrupte praktijken op corrupte manieren?

Een gebrek aan integriteit?

Hij beweert ook dat BTC geen transparantie heeft:

Er zijn dus veel mensen die zich afvragen waarom je een systeem nodig hebt dat geen controlespoor heeft, dat niet integer is, dat je niet weet wie de eigenaar is, dat je niet precies weet hoeveel er vandaag de dag bestaat, hoeveel er gedolven is, hoeveel er verloren is gegaan, hoeveel er op de harde schijven is weggegooid omdat ze niet meer bestaan.

Crypto trader explains: why euro stablecoins are in a difficult position

There is still no prominent euro stablecoin, which is unlikely to change anytime soon.

There are several popular stablecoins in the crypto market that are pegged to the US dollar

Although there are also stablecoins linked to the euro, these are much less popular with crypto users, as Zahreddine Touag from the Parisian crypto company Woorton says.

„There is not one Euro stablecoin that has a high level of liquidity,“ as Touag stated on Thursday in a discussion at Blockchain Week in Paris. He gives several reasons for this, the main reason being that it is simply „very expensive to operate a Euro stablecoin“. He explains this as follows:

„The primary source of income for the operators of US dollar-based Crypto Engine is the interest rate, whereby the US dollar has a positive interest rate, while the interest rate in Europe is negative or has been negative for a long time.“

The thesis about the popularity of US dollar-based stablecoins can be confirmed by taking a look at the crypto market. For example, the market-leading stablecoin tether ( USDT ), about which controversy repeatedly arises for other reasons , is tied to the US dollar. Tether is now the fourth largest cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of almost $ 20 billion. Other large stablecoins linked to the US dollar are the USD Coin (USDC) and the TrueUSD (TUSD), which also have considerable market capitalizations.

The few stablecoins based on the euro are far less prominent

The crypto ranking portal CoinMarketCap has a euro stablecoin called Stasis Euro (EURS), but it only has a market value of just under 37 million US dollars.

„The second main reason is that Europe is still a very small player on the crypto market,“ as Touag further clarifies the difficult fate for European stablecoins. “Most of the innovations in this area do not come from Europe, but the big players are in the USA and Asia,” says the expert.

In addition, the stablecoin market has a kind of “winner-takes-all” constellation, because the high liquidity also prompts Touag and his company to prefer Tether to smaller dollar stablecoins such as the USDC: “That’s why we at Woorton also use Tether , even if we actually prefer the USDC, but cash flow, clients and counterparties are with Tether ”.

Bitcoin et XRP Whales s’enflamment, déplaçant 936 millions de dollars en crypto – Les investisseurs se préparent-ils au Big Airdrop de Flare?

Les baleines Bitcoin et XRP font surface en masse à la fin de la semaine.

Vendredi, deux baleines BTC ont déplacé un total de 29217 BTC d’une valeur d’environ 564,2 millions de dollars. Les deux transactions ont envoyé des Bitcoins d’un portefeuille d’origine inconnue à un autre.

Aucune des adresses en question n’a de lien connu avec les détenteurs de crypto, les plateformes de conservation ou les échanges.

• 7 371 BTC d’une valeur de 143 millions de dollars envoyés d’un portefeuille inconnu vers un portefeuille inconnu
• 21 846 BTC d’une valeur de 421,2 millions de dollars envoyés d’un portefeuille inconnu vers un portefeuille inconnu

Raoul Pal, directeur général de Real Vision et défenseur de Bitcoin Up avertit qu’une importante correction Bitcoin pourrait se profiler à l’horizon.

Les baleines XRP sont également en mouvement. Dans le même laps de temps, les grands détenteurs de la troisième plus grande crypto-monnaie ont envoyé un total de 634 610 356 XRP d’une valeur d’environ 372,7 millions de dollars. La plus grande transaction unique a envoyé 450 094 745 XRP d’une valeur de 265,7 millions de dollars d’un portefeuille inconnu à l’échange de crypto Huobi.

Le déménagement est l’un des nombreux envois de grandes quantités de XRP aux échanges au cours des deux derniers jours. Les propriétaires de la crypto peuvent envoyer leur crypto à des bourses qui prennent en charge le prochain largage de Flare pour s’assurer de recevoir facilement leur part de jetons SPARK.

Voici un aperçu des plus grosses transactions XRP à avoir été publiées dans le grand livre depuis vendredi.

  •  74 999 900 XRP d’une valeur de 42,2 millions de dollars envoyés d’un portefeuille inconnu vers un portefeuille inconnu
  •  50 000 000 XRP d’une valeur de 30,9 millions de dollars envoyés depuis un portefeuille inconnu vers Bybit
  •  29 999 980 XRP d’une valeur de 17,1 millions de dollars transférés d’un portefeuille inconnu à Coinbase
  •  10 000 000 XRP d’une valeur de 5,8 millions de dollars transférés d’un portefeuille inconnu à Binance
  •  10 000 000 XRP d’une valeur de 5,7 millions de dollars envoyés depuis un portefeuille inconnu vers Binance
  •  9 515 731 XRP d’une valeur de 5,3 millions de dollars envoyés de SBI VC Trade vers un portefeuille inconnu

Dans une série de tweets, le grand taureau Bitcoin dit à ses 289000 abonnés Twitter que Bitcoin montre des signes qu’il a atteint un sommet local. Pal utilise l’indicateur DeMark pour chronométrer les opportunités d’entrée et de sortie. Lorsque l’indicateur séquentiel DeMark fait clignoter une lecture de 9, les traders le prennent comme un signe qu’un recul est en vue. Un signal de 13 points à l’épuisement de la tendance.

«Bitcoin est potentiellement confronté à de sérieux progrès techniques… Le quotidien DeMark montre un cluster sur 2 13 et un 9 et demain pourrait en mettre UN AUTRE 13!»

L’investisseur macro-économique examine également le graphique hebdomadaire de la BTC, qui, selon lui, est également en tête.

«L’hebdomadaire accumule également les chiffres les plus élevés… et une correction plus importante semble très possible.»

Pal souligne que le graphique mensuel a également imprimé un décompte séquentiel DeMark de 9.

«Et inquiétant, le mensuel a mis un top 9.»

Pal note que la confluence des principaux signaux sur plusieurs périodes indique la possibilité d’un recul substantiel.

«Tout cela met en jeu les chances d’une correction plus importante, pas une [certitude], mais les principaux modèles de 3 séries chronologiques sont quelque chose à prendre au sérieux et si vous n’êtes pas un HODLer à long terme, vous pouvez envisager une certaine prudence. mérité. “

Pendant ce temps, le trader et analyste crypto Michaël van de Poppe s’attend également à une correction BTC. Dans une nouvelle vidéo, Van de Poppe décrit les niveaux que les investisseurs devraient surveiller si les ours déclenchent un événement de vente.

«Ce que nous voyons ici est toujours la zone hebdomadaire autour du plus haut historique, qui est la zone de résistance. Nous avons les niveaux que nous avons initialement marqués comme intéressants sur la base des niveaux de résistance précédents qui sont sur la période hebdomadaire, le plus important se situant entre 14 000 et 13 500 dollars. Donc, n’importe lequel de ces niveaux est très important si nous obtenons une mesure corrective. Si nous n’obtenons pas cela, nous allons probablement monter en flèche. „

Key metrics of Bitcoin and Ethereum options show that traders are extremely bullish

The price of the Ethereum is now the focus of attention, but option data shows that professional traders are still extremely bullish about the price of Bitcoin.

In the last few days, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) has underperformed Ether (ETH) by almost 20%. Although BTC seems to be struggling to break through the $18,800 barrier, both cryptosystems show the same upward trend according to data from the derivatives markets.

Bitcoin’s performance is outperforming the 2016 halving that caused the all-time high of USD 20,000

Ether is entering a parabolic upswing as the launch of her Eth2 network approaches, and this optimism is reflected in the option markets. Despite the lack of similar price action from BTC, Bitcoin traders don’t seem to be worried and the data shows they’re still extremely bullish.
Ether and BTC futures contracts are still bullish

Analyzing the base indicator is a very useful thing, as it compares the level of futures contracts with the current price on spot (regular) exchanges.

The US dollar is weakening and BTC is approaching $19,000: 5 things to watch out for on Bitcoin this week

Healthy markets usually have an annualized basis of 5% to 10%, this situation is known as contango. On the other hand, discounted counter-futures trading usually occurs during strongly bearish markets.

The basis of Ether’s futures has ranged from 10% to 20%, therefore we can infer that there are bullish expectations. Instead of leaving his Ether holdings in a derivatives exchange, the seller preferred to use them to make a stake. Therefore, it is natural to demand a premium for the operation.

3 reasons why the price of Ethereum is close to USD 600

The BTC futures premium has performed similarly, despite today’s negative performance. If traders had given up expectations of a continuous bull run, this indicator would have sunk below 10% annualized.

There is only one reason for a trader to pay such a costly premium on a futures contract, and that reason is the upside. This indicator can be interpreted as a tax on maintaining long leveraged positions.
Options traders are not interested in opening bearish positions

The 25% delta slope also provides useful information on the sentiment and posture of professional traders.

A delta inclination of +25% indicates that put options are more expensive than similar call options, indicating bearish sentiment. On the other hand, a -25% slope suggests an upward trend.

Follow these 4 tips to avoid being the victim of phishing attacks

The indicator usually ranges from -20% to + 20% in neutral markets, although this has not been the case for Ether in recent weeks.
Inclination of 25% of the delta of ETH’s 3-month futures contracts. Source: Skew

See how Ether’s futures base touched extreme levels of optimism on November 21st, which is very unusual.

This data suggests that option traders are not willing to sell upward protection. At -20%, the tilt indicator indicates that derivatives investors are still bullish despite the 28% rally over the last seven days.

We should expect BTC option traders to be a little less bullish after today’s negative performance, but this has not been the case.

The data shows that BTC option traders are remarkably optimistic, regardless of how difficult the last few days have been. Therefore, there are no signs of a change in sentiment coming from the derivatives markets.

Binance outperforms Huobi and OKEx, positioning itself as the largest derivatives exchange

Although there are many ways to read the same graph according to the technical analysis, BTC has not exactly transpired optimism.

Traders who prefer shorter time frames may have a bearish interpretation of the recent price action. Meanwhile, professional investors know how unpredictable the BTC markets are. Therefore, they are not willing to reduce their positive expectations on a whim.

Key metrics show that institutional demand for Bitcoin is growing rapidly

For now, there seems to be no reason to doubt Bitcoin’s upward momentum. Although Ether has outgrown it, traders are showing the same confidence for both cryptosystems.

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